Sex trade taints town

Nausori Village cemetery is a hive of activity at night as delinquents and sex workers visit the area often. Picture: VILIAME ODRO

Sex workers are brazenly using a cemetery a stone’s throw away from Nausori Town to ply their trade, says the Komai Nausori Ratu Lepani Tagicakibau.

He said the Nausori Village graveyard was unofficially the “red-light area” where girls as young as 16 tout for business.

“This kind of crimes has tainted this small town of Nausori,” he said.

“There is a bus stop near the cemetery and this is where clients pick them up from.

“Sometimes they end up doing their business at the village cemetery just behind the bus stop.

“At least they should have some respect because it’s the village cemetery.

“It has also now become a drinking spot.”

He said at times the men from the village would take it upon themselves to remove the sex workers from the cemetery.

“The village cemetery is located across the Nausori police station and I am here wondering if they have done something about this issue.

“Sometimes these young girls are being picked by their clients from the bus stop during daylight.

“Another group of girls would come around 3pm to 5pm.

“We see cars picking them from the bus stop.

“They hang around this area until 10pm.

“It is disturbing to see young girls involved in this sex trade during daylight, it happens right before our eyes.”

Ratu Lepani said this problem should be tackled in a holistic approach.

“The question is, where are the parents and relatives of these young girls, do they even try to look for them when they are missing from home.”

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