‘Schools lack counsellors, trained teachers’

Deputy Secretary Primary & Secondary Education Timoci Bure. Picture: ATU RASEA

NOT all schools have counsellors and teachers that are trained or equipped to address students’ personal issues, says Education Ministry deputy secretary Timoci Bure.

Mr Bure made the comments during the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) press conference in Suva yesterday that the IYF was holding programs for 10 schools to assist them with student issues.

“Some students who faced issues were from well-off families, so the question was what do children think of every day when they come to attend classes in schools.

“This is where IYF comes in handy, to hold mind lectures and they are currently conducting these for Lelean Memorial School, Nasinu Secondary School, Adi Cakobau School and Ballantine Memorial School to name a few.

“This is where the spiritual upbringing of children is very important because most of these children who are involved in these situations are children of the Christian faith.”

Mr Bure said the ministry realised that students were only there to learn for examinations and were not applying what they had learned to their everyday life.

“This is one challenge we have found in the Ministry of Education, children who apply what they learn in their lessons to their everyday life and everyday problems,” he said.

Mr Bure adds after the intervention of IYF, schools have seen some improvement in terms of the students’ conduct.

“We have seen some improvement in these schools with the children now more happy and are able to talk with their teachers more openly about their problems and this was something that was not there before IYF came in.”

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