Safety and security is his game

Ambika Maharaj in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Security officers provide a great service to the general populace.

From an array of responsibilities including patrolling property on foot to securing a particular premise. Even protecting lives!

Security guards also act as crime busters, deterring potential criminal activities.

Basically, a security officer’s key role is to discern, prevent, observe and report theft and violence by maintaining a high level of visibility to deter any illegal or inappropriate actions which can cause harm.

The overall safety of humans and property in a particular facility is the mantra of a security officer.

Ambika Maharaj is a security officer, working for Suva-based Professional Security Services Ltd.

Being the eldest in a small family consisting of a younger brother, Ambika’s father Deepak Maharaj was a machine operator at Punja and Sons Ltd.

“I am originally from the rural outskirts of Vitogo in Lautoka. My dad was the sole bread-winner in the family. I come from a poor family background. Life was really hard,” he said.

Although Mr Maharaj had dreams to work in a laboratory by virtue of him being a pure science student at school, fate had different path for him.

“Am the eldest in the family. My younger brother is also employed as a security officer.

“I have attained Year 12 education from Tilak High School. I could not pursue further studies because of a poor background.

“My father was a machine operator. I wanted to become a lab technician.

“I did attend the Fiji National University for a while, but ceased my education because dad could not afford to send me to a tertiary institution.

“I was sad to see that my dreams were shattered, but it was beyond my control,” he recalled.

Before working as a security officer, Mr Maharaj was employed in the sales and marketing department.

“I joined the work force immediately after accepting the fact that I could not continue with my tertiary studies.

“I wanted to support my parents. I was working for Gosal Distributors which is a subsidiary organisation for Labasa-based Charan Jeath and Company Ltd.

“I was employed for 13 straight years. I started as a delivery boy and steadily advanced in my career because I took my work seriously.

“My job responsibilities were basically sales, merchandising and ensuring that adequate stock was available.

“Their major line is the Nambawan toilet paper apart from other products.

“It was a fun job since I had the opportunity to meet so many people from a diverse background. It involved more field work,” he commented.

The first official COVID-19 case in the country recorded on March 19 and the subsequent health and hygiene measures implemented by the Government, which included the closure of the country’s borders, had a huge effect on the 31-year-old.

“I lost my employment because of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“The borders got closed resulting in nil tourists visiting our shores.

“I was based at the Lautoka Hotel and 90 per cent of the clientele base consisted of stakeholders involved in the tourism industry.

“I had to find an adequate employment to support my family. I applied for the position of a security officer and am glad that Professional Security Services Ltd offered me employment,” he quipped.

Mr Maharaj is happily married and always looking forward to a new day to ensure that the location he is being deployed to, and its occupants, remain safe and secure.

“I love my job as a security officer. Although it is a dangerous job, the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of the property and individuals where am posted, gives me great pride.

“That is the reason I always give my 100 per cent because so many people’s lives are at stake and I have to carry my role with utmost vigilance.

“I want to acquire as much security surveillance experience as possible because I intend to join the Fiji Police Force,” he stated.

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