Ryder braces for a return to 7s

William Ryder carries his youngest and only daughter Salanieta Ryder and his brothers Peniasi Vakalu (left) and Ponipate Vuni at his Nabouwalu farm. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA

WILLIAM Ryder’s possible appearance in next month’s Marist Sevens has given him a ray of hope to wear that national white jersey once again.

He has started discussions with a local rugby club that contacted him this week for a chance to return to the field.

“If all goes well and I am positive of my participation in the tournament, I am prepared to prove myself worthy of another chance to represent Fiji,” Ryder said.

“It’s not easy being national reps. We’re all humans and we all have our weaknesses but we learn and get better.

“I believe God still has a purpose for me and I know that anything is possible through God.”

William Ryder for Marist 7s

In an interview with this newspaper, the twinkle-toed rugby star says everything is possible through God.***** First of all, I want to thank God and the Fiji Times for visiting me and I thank this opportunity for the interview.Bula Vinaka to everyone tuning and listening in from the world. I know a lot of people must be wondering where I am and what I am doing right now?Well, I’m back in my village, where I’m brought up in. I thank God … what I’m doing now… is farming and going out fishing. That is my source of income and I am able to support my family.I know nothing is impossible with God. Yes, if I am given a chance to represent the country in rugby 7s, I am willing to take that challenge.If that door of opportunity is open, I will certainly take it up. And also we have to support our national 7s side that will be taking part in the upcoming Hong Kong tournament.I know that everyone will support our national team, every parent and even children; I ask that we pray and always support our rugby team, because when they win, we all celebrate. That is all I want to say. Vinaka.

Posted by The Fiji Times on Sunday, February 23, 2020

Ryder, 37, returned to the village last year and has started his own dalo and yaqona farm.

Despite his busy farming schedule, he has time for daily training as he prepares for the tournament.

“Even though I am 37 years old, I believe it is possible to wear the white jersey again,” he said.

“I have moved back to Nabouwalu with my family as I needed to get my priorities right and like any other person, we still need God to take us through life successfully. If the club takes me in to play next month, I am willing to be part of their team and I have told them that.”

Feb 17: Ryder to participate in Marist 7s tournament

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