Radio operators course for Fiji Navy

The Republic of Fiji Navy (RFN) had a Leading Radio Operators Course at RFNS Viti in Togalevu. Picture: REPUBLIC OF FIJI NAVY

The Republic of Fiji Navy (RFN) had a Leading Radio Operators Course at the RFNS Viti in Togalevu last week.

Eight members of the RFN communication branch graduated from the course. According to the Fiji Navy, the six weeks course was designed to upskill the participants in their specialised field of communications.

“The communication branch is a critical department for the Navy with the responsibility of ensuring safe, secure and timely communications between units of the force,” the Fiji Navy highlighted.

The RFN looked forward to the navy personnel back in the fleet and putting what they have learned into practice.

This month Fiji Navy Commander Captain Humphrey Tawake was also congratulated for successfully completing his course at the Australian Defence College (ADC) in Canberra, Australia.

Capt Tawake graduated with a Master’s Degree in Defence and Strategic from Deakin University. According to the Fiji Navy, he was also welcomed by the ADC roll of achievement.

Capt Tawake was joined by his family and Fiji’s High Commissioner to Australia Luke Daunivalu for the graduation ceremony.

The RFN also expressed its sincere appreciation to the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) Mobile Training team who had been working tirelessly in Fiji, training the Republic of Fiji Military Forces personnel for the past two months.

The Fiji Navy acknowledged the hardworking NZDF staff at the New Zealand High Commission for putting the program together.

The training course included the leadership essentials training, the leading survey recorder course, combat intelligence course, armourers course, shooting coaches course, combat first aid training and psychology brief and discussions.

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