Qilaqila escapade

IT is always amazing to discover the beauty of the Fiji islands especially those in the outer islands.

One such place is Qilaqila Bay of Islands which is owned by the people of Daliconi on Vanua Balavu, renowned for its beautiful islets and pristine, crystal blue waters spread across the beautiful bay.

Qilaqila is renowned to many people particularly visitors from outside Fiji and it has been visited by so many people just because they wanted to witness its beauty and to see for themselves some of the history attached to the place.

It is rare to get a view of this in any other place in Fiji and the history and the story behind Qilaqila is one that would definitely drive a person to visit it and witness it themselves.

Qilaqila is paradise and is renowned to many yachtees from around the world because this is one of the places they love to visit at least once or twice in a year. According to Samu Newton, the chairman of Daliconi Tourism, yachtees love to visit Qilaqila because of its islets and bay of islands and they also love to snorkel and swim and enjoy its beautiful, pristine environment.

Yachtees visit Qilaqila around March and November as they find the place to be very interesting to visit and a place where they can relax in a world away from their own.

Mr Newton explained that these yachtees would have to be cleared first from their port of entries before making a visit to Qilaqila, however, they would also have to pay a certain amount of money to the landowners before making a tour of the island.

Because of its beauty, Mr Newton said they also hoped to work with Government to assist in providing them with proper information so they could charge yachtees the right fees as this was a source of income they could rely on.

Sometimes, superyachts, owned by millionaires from some places around the world, would also visit Qilaqila because it is a real place of relaxation and peace of mind.

Landowners — the villagers of Daliconi — hope to work with Government in ensuring this place they valued so much and hold so much meaning to them because of its rich history would always be preserved as it was and visitors to the place would provide reasonable income that could help them survive financially.

This group of islands holds so much meaning to the people of Daliconi, who are committed to preserving their natural environment.

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