Policy launch to boost protection efforts of crested iguana sanctuary on Yadua Taba

Ministry of Environment permanent secretary Joshua Wycliffe, left, looks on as Minister Dr Reddy handles a crested iguana with his son in Yadua Taba on Yadua Island in Bua, Vanua Levu following the launch of the conservation policy. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

The launch of the conservation and the protection of Fiji’s endangered iguana species policy is expected to boost the protection efforts of the crested iguana’s sanctuary on the island of Yadua Taba on Yadua Island in Bua on Vanua Levu.

While launching the policy yesterday, Minister for Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy lauded the input of landowners to preserve the sanctuary on the island.

He said the ministry was proud to launch the policy in commemoration of the International Biodiversity Day that was being observed this week.

“Fiji’s iguanas have an important contribution to the country’s biodiversity and enhancing seed germination,” Mr Reddy said.

The crested iguana is one of Fiji’s four endemic species.

Dr Reddy was accompanied by the ministry’s permanent secretary, Joshua Wycliffe, and staff to the island where the policy was launched.

Later, the team presented its traditional sevusevu at Yadua Village whose people are traditional owners of the crested iguana sanctuary.

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