Plans to revive traditional sport

PLANS to revive traditional sporting activities are underway by various Government bodies.

The Ministry of Education, Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, Fiji National Sports Commission and the Ministry of Health are collaborating, with support from the World Health Organisation, to revive traditional games for Fiji’s children and youth.

Fiji National Sports Commission Sports Development Manager Joji Liga said traditional games also brought people together and formed social cohesion.

“They celebrated events and seasons such as planting and harvest. An example of such a game was the vaqiqi moli – a match-making game where the unmarried young men would roll an orange over the village green and picked up by his female partner from the other side of the green. This was their way of publically informing the villagers of their desire to marry,” Mr Liga said.

“The goal of this collaboration is to collect and transmit knowledge of traditional games and to increase interest and participation in them.

“An additional benefit is that traditional games are a fun way to increase physical activity among children and youth. Older citizens are a critical part of the revitalisation process as there are knowledge holders who need to pass on the knowledge before they are completely lost.”


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