Parents, guardians urged to teach fire safety to children

A firemen on standby after the fire was contained at the garage for a prominent bus company in Suva. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

Fiji’s National Fire Authority (NFA) has advised parents and guardians to be mindful of their children’s safety during the school holidays that have now been extended.

In a statement issued today, the NFA urged all parents and guardians to take the lead role in teaching fire safety to their children.

There have been previous cases where the lack of supervision of children has caused home fires and our advice to all parents is to look after their children and keep them safe during the holidays.

“Children can be curious about fire and it is your responsibility as parents to keep all fire ignition sources like matches and lighters well away from children,” the NFA stated.

“Teach your children at an early age about the dangers of fire play in an effort to prevent child injuries and fire deaths.”

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