Nemani welcomes postponement decision

Fiji National Sports Commission Chairman Mr Peter Mazey and the Permanent Secretary for Youth and Sports Maretino Nemani. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJIAN PARLIAMENT MEDIA

THE permanent secretary for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Maritino Nemani has welcomed the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games in Japan.

“I believe it was the right decision which everyone should support,” the former national football captain said.

“In light of the devastation COVID-19 has brought globally, it makes sense because it is a deadly virus and there have been recorded deaths. Our nation, communities and families need to be safe from COVID-19 and it is heartening to see the relevant government machinery in full support to ensure the virus is contained easily and quickly in Fiji.”

The Cakaudrove native offered a sound advise to athletes who were looking forward to the event.

“It would have been inconceivable for us, as a nation, to keep on preparing for the Games when the global world is enduring immense hardship. Postponement is the best decision.

“The postponement means that athletes who had qualified or were trying to qualify through the various qualifying competitions, their coaches including the support staff can now focus on what currently matters, which is looking after themselves and their families. Be safe and practice the basic hygiene at all times. We will win this battle together.”

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