Nadi council advises ratepayers to be vigilant of diseases

Ratepayers in Nadi are urged to be vigilant of diseases Picture: FT FILE

The Nadi Town Council (NTC) has advised ratepayers to be vigilant as the town and nearby communities work on containing the spread of communicable diseases including leptospirosis and dengue fever.

Council chief executive officer Craig Powell said maintaining a mosquito-free environment was important.

“Residents need to be vigilant in controlling mosquito breeding sites, they need to destroy such sites, ensure children do not play in dirty water to avoid getting lepto, typhoid and diarrhoea diseases as this places more medical financial pressure on parents and guardians during these difficult times,” he said.

He said the council had recently completed a bulk and green waste cleaning exercise for residents and would continue to engage ratepayers.

“The council is now focusing on all areas where our ratepayers reside within the existing Nadi Town Boundary.

“We continue to provide our solid waste management services and promotion of home composting and backyard gardening which our ratepayers have supported and embraced.

“This is shared on our NTC Environment Activity Facebook page.”

Meanwhile, the Ba Town Council has also been clearing out waste within the town’s boundaries.

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