Motorists warned against unauthorised tints and coloured lighting

THE Land Transport Authority is reminding motorists that window tinting on the front window should not be less than 70 per cent, and rear and side windows should not be less than 60 per cent visible light transmittance.

LTA chief executive Samuel Simpson said the front window could not be more than 30 per cent dark and side and rear windows could not be more than 40 per cent dark.

If you present your vehicle for test at either an LTA facility or an Authorised Test Facility or your vehicle is subject to a roadside check and your window tint is found to exceed the legal limits, you will be required to remove the window tinting immediately.

The LTA has sophisticated digital window tint metres properly calibrated which officers are trained to use to measure the tint intensity.

Furthermore, the authority stated that the fitting or modification of vehicle lighting which deviated from the manufacturer’s standard specification was also prohibited.

Mr Simpson said the display of coloured lighting fitted on the front sides, roof and rear of any vehicle was not allowed.

Neither is the fitting of any flashing, strobe, or rotating beacons permitted other than on approved vehicles.

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