Ministry low on funds

Head of agriculture Operations and services Dr Vinesh Kumar speaking at the Greater good foundation AGM in Lautoka. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

THE Ministry of Agriculture does not have much funds to address the issue of stray dogs in the country.

Ministry’s head of agriculture operations and services, Dr Vinesh Kumar revealed this at the Greater Good Foundation’s annual general meeting in Lautoka last week.

The foundation runs and manages the only animal sanctuary in the country located at Tavarau, Ba, which is home to 164 dogs and cats.

“We are mandated to look at dog issues in Fiji in terms of dog population and we are trying hard to do that.

“Our stand in terms of looking at dog control is that we no longer use dog poison which is banned now.

“There is essence where we should not be on loggerheads on the issues, we need to understand each other on this issue and we are doing our part and you are doing your part.”

Animal welfare advocate and a volunteer at the Greater Good Foundation sanctuary Maleeka Buksh said the cruel method of trapping and killing was not acceptable. “We want to make a statement that it is no longer acceptable.

“We are working closely with the Lautoka City Council and the Ministry of Agriculture, creating public outreach which is a priority for the foundation.”

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