Man with 37 land titles receiving welfare help

Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Picture: SUPPLIED

A man was caught receiving social welfare assistance from the Government despite having 37 land titles.

He had also been declaring lower income to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service.

This is stated in the Fiji Intelligence Unit’s 2021 annual report presented in Parliament on Monday.

The FIU said the businessman was reported to the FIU for possible fraud involving social welfare funds.

“Mr Z opened a senior’s bank account at Bank K despite already having several bank accounts,” said the FIU.

“Fiji FIU analysis established that Mr Z held seven bank accounts with Bank K and 37 land titles were registered under his name. “Fiji FIU analysis further established that Mr Z was declaring a lower income to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service than what was observed through his bank accounts.

“The ownership of a large number of property titles also suggested that Mr Z was earning income from these properties.” The case was referred to the Department of Social Welfare and Fiji Revenue and Customs Service.

FIU says the man may have committed tax-related offences, tax evasion offences and unexplained wealth offences and fraud.

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