‘Make use of government initiatives on education’

Minister for Women, Children & Poverty, Mereseini Vuniwaqa (second from left) after the closing of the National Poverty Forum at Novotel Hotel conference room, Lami yesterday. Picture:ATU RASEA

PEOPLE should make use of government initiatives on education to alleviate themselves out of poverty, says Poor Relief Society president Sabita Gandhi.

She was among participants during the National Poverty Forum at the Novotel Suva Lami Bay this week. “Education is the best tool to combat poverty in Fiji and people need to learn the importance of education from an early age,” Ms Gandhi said.

“It is about time that people should stop criticising Government and make use of the initiatives to improve their standard of living.

“Just get the good out of it and leave the negative.”

Since its establishment in 1956, Ms Gandhi said they had assisted many children to access education especially young females.

“People need to work together to ensure that our children have access to education because these are future leaders of this nation.

“We have seen how education has transformed many lives that were under our care. Some of the children we helped from disadvantaged families now have good jobs.”

She said they would spend around $15,000 every year to assist people living in poverty.

“Our funds come from family, friends and business houses. This is how we run our organisation. We meet every month and distribute food rations to families living in poverty.”

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