Letters to the Editor – January 16, 2019

A writer says players such as former Fiji sevens rep Kitione Taliga will be out to impress at the McDonald’s Fiji’s Coral Coast 7s tournament this weekend. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Out to impress

Current 7s rep Terio Tamani and other 7s hopefuls such as former 7s rep Kitione Taliga will be out to impress selectors when the McDonald’s Fiji’s Coral Coast 7s tournament gets rolling at Lawaqa Park. Unknown teams like Raiwasa Resort Taveuni will also be out to upset some big names. The 2020 Coral Coast 7s tournament at Lawaqa Park lights the way for next weekend’s Hamilton 7s tournament and I’m sure fans will enjoy the free admission and the 7s treat that will be offered in the heart of Fiji rugby. It was a delight to read that rugby icons Lote Tuqiri (former rugby league and union legend) and former England 7s captain Ben Gollings flew in to join the Coral Coast 7s tournament organisers alongside the wife of the late Jonah Lomu — Nadene Lomu. Their presence is set to add spice to one of the toughest and much anticipated 7s tournaments at the start of the 7s rugby season. Toso Nadroga! Toso Viti toso! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Cyclone visit

I am sending this message to the broad area of high pressure resting to the south of the Fiji Group. Would you kindly be strong and persistent enough to prevent TC Tino from travelling in a direct southerly direction towards the Fiji Group to do damage? You see sir, we are still trying to recover from the earlier visits of his siblings — Winston and Sarai and his visit at this time, is kind of premature and dare I say, not wanted. What with all the cost of living these days and that school has just started. It’s just not a good time. Let me humbly make a suggestion. Perhaps if you could let him move in a more easterly direction above Fiji, towards the Northern Cooks. Or at worst, steer him in a more south easterly direction, between Wallis and Futuna, and the northern Tonga Group, again avoiding the Fiji Group. The penetration of any other areas of weak resistance away from Fiji, will also be welcome during these trying times. Anyway, we know that his rainbands will hit our country before and after, whichever way he moves. We just hope it’s not too excessive to cause flooding and landslides. That would indeed be most helpful. I hope you read this note and act accordingly. With our best wishes for a fruitful working relationship. Edward Blakelock Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

Juice variety

The other day I went around looking for cranberry pomegranate juice, olives and olive oil in various supermarkets in Nausori, but it was hard getting one, I only got hold of olive oil. I reckon supermarkets should have a variety of juice and fruit products instead of just shelving fizzy drinks and canned fruits which I believe are high in sugar. I was unable to find a fruit juice which had only natural sugar, whereas heaps of varieties are available at other supermarkets. If other supermarkets outside Nausori can shelf varieties of juice and fruits products, then I reckon supermarkets in Nausori can also do the same. Shamal Chand Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

No place for racism

The mere fact that the Methodist Church of Fiji has questioned the appointment of a non-Methodist into a Methodist church school says a lot about the mindset and attitude of the Methodist Church in Fiji (FT:14/01). I am also surprised at the comments by the president of the Methodist Church, Dr Epineri Vakadewavosa, in stating that Methodist schools are not government schools where they can send any Tom, Dick or Harry to be its principal (FT:14/01). I believe not only is this absolute racism but it goes against the very principles of the Christian faith. The fact of the matter is that Tom, Dick, and Harry are also products of our Creator and to make such a statement is to elevate oneself above other human beings. Here is where my argument comes in, that churches should be focusing totally on the spiritual side of things and nothing else. Discipleship is a huge undertaking and if churches were doing it right, they would have no time for anything else. The fact that many of our Christian churches have diversified into other institutions shows that they have lost the real purpose of the Christian faith and have become nothing more than lacklustre businesses. You are supposed to be fishers of men and women, and not deserters of the Christian faith! If you cannot teach and retain your own congregation in your own places of worship how do you expect to do it elsewhere? Simon Hazelman Rava Estate, Savusavu

Sevens team

Vinaka Viti sevens team on your return to our famous hunting ground at Uprising. Gareth and his management team and the new players with Jerry will get the best tips and support from all the surroundings in Pacific Harbour from the tourists to the taxidrivers to the gas station attendants to shop owners to villa owners to hotel workers to the chiefs
and villages to all Fijians. Our very own Ratu Peni Rayani was blessed as a
chief and his mission and road to Rio started at Uprising and ended at Rio de Janeiro with the koula win. Welcome back home Gareth and boys, you can’t avoid the blast from the past. I can now slowly see the road to Japan clear and our No 1 and true fan the best in sevens Ratu Peni must be
happy and ready with the Fiji flag. Vinaka Ben and your immortal talanoa and veilomani spirit. Joka forever…the baton in Gareth and boys hands now … Toso Viti. SHALWYN PRASAD Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

Amraiya Naidu

Korina Waibuta has a point. Food for thought, food for thought indeed, but with consultation. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Lautoka

Letter writer

Writing letters to The Fiji Times was just like anything else until it became my most loved hobby. However, it did not happen just anyhow. Many writers have inspired me and there is somewhat a healthy competition yet fun as well. Being in Year 13, I have received a blessing in disguise in the form of Naveen Dutt, who is a regular writer and one of my inspirations, and is taking my English classes. Not many have the same feat of being a student of their inspiration and I truly feel blessed to be part of the letter writing family at The Fiji Times! Raynav Chand Nakasi

Phantom’s phone

How times have changed — Phantom was on his mobile phone on Saturday and again today. Whatever happened to the beat of the Tom Tom drums? Culden Kamea Waimate St, Lami

Police officers

Although traffic lights are found at strategic locations, police officers guiding traffic during peak hours are more effective. They keep the traffic flowing. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

New rules

I won’t be surprised if one day there will be no more tackling. You will just have to take the ball and run from one side to the other and the team with the fastest time will be the winner. Sukha Singh Labasa

Daylight saving

It’s not the knocking off time that is a bother, it’s the starting time. You are punching in at 8am knowing real time is 7am. Dan Urai Lautoka

Merit based

I think this matter was highlighted and it was decided that the merit based choice would eventuate in the future. Why the hiccup now? As long as the Government is funding, it is appropriate for them to have a say. Kirti Patel Lautoka


Fiji Football Association has said that there will be no club championship for the last season which was normally held during November each year. What does this tell you? Either the districts did not complete their local club competitions or there are no clubs. Whatever the reason, it does not look good for the development of soccer in the country. We are heading towards a very dangerous trend which will take us further down in the ranking if we do not do anything to revive the club competition. Nardeo Mishra Suva


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