Letters to the Editor: Friday March 27, 2020

Fiji team huddle before the game against Wales on day one of the HSBC Canada Sevens 2020 at BC Place Stadium on 7 March, 2020 in Vancouver, Canada. Picture: SUPPLIED/ Mike Lee - KLC fotos for World Rugby

Tokyo Olympics

Finally, relief as the Tokyo Olympic Games has been postponed until next year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Olympic Games was postponed by the International Olympic Committee and host country Japan.

I’m glad that via yesterday’s The Fiji Times FASANOC and Team Fiji revealed that they will work together to map a plan to continue preparations for Fijian athletes.

This also gives our 7s team (our top bet for a gold medal at the Olympics) ample preparation time and the opportunity to test the likes of Tuisova, Kunatani and Radradra after the World Rugby Sevens Series ewwvents were called off. Gareth Baber, you have more than enough time on your plate!

Please prepare well, we can’t afford to lose the gold medal!



Thank you

Thank you William Gardiner, Balawa St, Lautoka (FT 26/3). Very well written.

So very precise. To the point.

I could not have done better. Can I please add. EFL must pull up the socks forthwith.

Ongoing annoying and frustrating power outages are a serious joke in this modern day and age. My thanks, however, must go to the ever-hardworking linesmen/lineswomen who keep repairing line faults and failures … and go unnoticed and un-thanked.

Newer brooms sweep better, they say.

RONNIE CHANG Martintar, Nadi


Pandemic issue

I met two kinds of people recently with two extreme beliefs to counter the current viral pandemic.

There was a person who sounded very fatalistic —what will be will be.

Then there was another person who claimed to be faith loaded and that tempted him to take health directives casually.

Both stances are neither safe nor prudent.

I believe in soap and I believe in prayers, every day.



Blind faith

At this uncertain time, we cannot afford to be complacent or naive about the risks and consequences of COVID-19.

We cannot simply believe that we have immunity from it and it won’t affect us. Myth.

I believe those who live by blind faith will shun the health authority’s restrictions and advice by attending gatherings and ignoring social distancing; not to say putting others at grave risk.

I believe it is playing with faith and being tempted by the devil. Everybody needs to be responsible, not only for themselves but for others: our families and the communities in which we live.

Be proactive, not reactive; don’t wait for someone to remind you about the new social rules. Do the right thing. God will help those who help themselves.



Please be safe

COVID-19 has already stressed health care systems throughout the world.

So far, there are five confirmed COVID-19 cases in Fiji, of which three have been reported to be locally transmitted.

The history of human responses to epidemics carries various lessons for our current situation.

Two of the more disheartening ones are that stigmatisation follows closely on the heels of pathogens.

However, people need to understand that those affected by this pandemic also have families. How would the family feel by seeing pictures of their loved ones being circulated on social media platforms?

Please think twice before engaging in such activities. Secondly, outbreaks too often pose a great threat to health care providers, our real heroes.

Kudos to everyone from this fraternity. Fiji as a small nation cannot afford to be locked down.

This will have a drastic impact on our economy consequently leading to reduced work hours and job losses.

The least that people can do is to follow the directives of Government officials to control the spread of this pandemic, ie. to practise clean hygiene protocols, social distancing and limit travel and movement.

Around the globe, countries have and continue to pay a huge price for this epidemic and yet people in self-quarantine in Nadi are alleged to have physical interactions with people from outside.

Self-quarantine is not a voluntary measure, rather its legal and mandatory. Disregard and denial of advice from ministry officials and our honourable Prime Minster could be disastrous.

Please be safe and maintain social distancing so that not only others but your families are safe as well.



Vacancy adverts

As the world continues to struggle with job losses, pay cuts and reduced working hours, it is encouraging to note that some organisations are still placing vacancy adverts.



Virus news

What’s the possibility of putting news on the coronavirus on the Parliament channel?

Just a thought.

ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka



Day eight of lockdown. Was that tree there before?

I really can’t recall.

NIGEL FIU Owls Perch, Lautoka


FNPF savings

Almost each time there is a natural disaster members of FNPF ask for assistance via their savings.

It was allowed the first time there was a cyclone.

People now know where to go when the government should have provided.

I feel that Government should not allow this because savings held at FNPF is for the people’s future when they retire.



Public transport

Land Transport Authority CEO says if you are to travel in public transport such as bus or taxis you must maintain a clear space of at least two metres between you and the next person.

How is this possible?

A better message would be to suspend all public transport immediately.



Soccer star

Roy the joy wonderboy Krishna completed another milestone in his first year blitz in the Indian Super League winning top honours.

In the process he also scored 15 goals including a hat-trick.

After creating havoc in the A League with Wellington Phoenix, the door now opens to either the Asia League or even the British League… the wonderboy’s rise to fame will continue.

From humble beginnings in Siberia to Labasa and than to Under 20 and than Fiji with A and I league the next search and hunt begins.

The Babasiga lad will bring cheers to my fellow writer Sukha Singh a proud Labasan and writer. Go Labasa kon roki. Joka na Labasa Babasiga Lions, Viti kei na vuravura.

SHALWYN PRASAD Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva



With the lockdown in Lautoka which will last 14 days or more and with all the restrictions on movement, I expect there will be a baby boom come December/January. I believe these babies will be known as corona babies.

A good thing for Lautoka and for its economy. .

Something to be celebrated.

JAN NISSAR Carlton, NSW, Australia


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