Krishna makes plea

Roy Krishna of ATK celebrate with team mates with his goal after they thrashed Odisha FC 3-0 in an Indian Super League (ISL) clash at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata on Saturday evening. Roy Krishna scored all three goals. Picture: SUPPLIED

FIJI’S most successful football player, Roy Krishna has called on Fijians to remain calm, to be patient and remain united amid the scare of the coronavirus pandemic gripping the country and the whole world.

“Please kindly adhere to whatever the Government has stated,” Krishna said while returning home for rest after a successful season in India.

Krishna and his wife Naziah Ali returned home to rest after the hectic season.

They jetted into the country yesterday morning via Singapore on Fiji Airways flight FJ360 on a low key arrival.

They headed straight for Ba via the Queens Road for self isolation.

“Just be patient. Wash your hands at every given opportunity because obviously that is the main thing. Try to avoid the crowd.

“Stay inside and protect yourself. Just be safe and be sensible when you are out there in the public.”

The local footballers were rendered an advice by the Olympian.

“Be a role model. I do not know if the league is still going on. If not, then it is good for the country. Just advise anyone you meet to do the right thing. Just be there and be supportive to everyone.

“Right now, everyone is running everywhere. It’s not right.

“Social media is going crazy at the moment, but everyone needs to listen to the right information which is the Government statements.

“When you go shopping please be considerate. You don’t have to buy everything. Think of the elderly people because they should be helped first. They need more support at the moment. We are Fijians and we have been taught about love, sacrifice and respect for one another. What better time than now to show the world about who we really are as a people, really.”

Krishna returned to the country after seven months of playing professional football in India where he captained the ATK side to win the Indian Super League.

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