Huge help: Coaches attend goalkeeping course

Participants at the OFC/MA Goalkeeper Coaching Certificate at Fiji FA Academy in Suva last weekend.

Eighteen goalkeeper coaches have been equipped with the knowledge of goalkeeper coaching after going through a three-day OFC/MA Goalkeeper Coaching Certificate Course at Fiji FA Academy in Suva last weekend.

Course instructor and Fiji FA national team goalkeeper coach Robert Mims said the main objective of the course was to provide learners with the capabilities to design and deliver effective goalkeeping practices.

“This course aims to help coaches support their goalkeepers with basic technical and tactical techniques, provide a greater understanding of the goalkeeping positions, and help coaches understand the challenges of growth and maturation for goalkeepers,” Mims said.

“It also provides participants with practical experience of effectively incorporating goalkeepers in practices with coach development support.

“Our aim is to develop goalkeepers for the future.

“We take great pride in recognising the importance of the goalkeeping position. The modern-day goalkeeper is a unique position within the sport of football.

“Not only has the goalkeeper got to be an individual within the team set up but he/she is also a vital part of the overall team.

“Our goalkeeping philosophy is to give all our goalkeepers the time and patience to be able to develop their goalkeeping skills in an environment that will teach the goalkeepers the four main pillars of the game. Technical, tactical, physical and psychological.”

According to Mims, Fiji FA will be putting up a new regulation next season for all districts to have a goalkeeper coach.

“One of the regulations of next year’s league will be mandatory for all districts to have a qualified goalkeeper coach looking after goalkeepers in their team,” said Mims.

Mim says the role of a goalkeeper is very challenging.

“In a simple sense, the role of the goalkeeper is broken into three keys which are to defend the goal, defend the space in front of the goal and initiate and support attacking,” said Mims.

“Football is scoring the goal and preventing the opposition from scoring goals. The goalkeeper is the last line of defece and as such plays a vital role in defending the goal for his or her team.

“In defending the goal the goalkeeper will deal with shots, headers, and one v one situations.”

Mims believes Fiji has a lot of potential goalkeepers.

“I have seen a lot of potential goalkeepers here, only we need proper coaching and guidance for them,” said Mims

“With these bunch of goalkeeper coaches, I am sure we will move forward as they will be putting their knowledge back to their districts and also to the grassroots.”

Digicel national team goalkeeper Akuila Mataisuva and former Ba and Suva goalkeeper Senaila Waqanicakau were also part of the course.

Six female coaches which included Labasa Women team goalkeeper Matelita Metelita Vuakoso and Suva goalkeeper Laisa Vuikaba were also part of the training.

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