Fiji FA urge players to continue personal training

Fiji FA President Rajesh Patel. Picture: ANISH CHAND/FILE

FIJI Football Association President Rajesh Patel has urged all football players to continue their individual trainings and keep themselves fit and active.

Patel says this was a very critical time in everyone’s life and we all should take things sensibly.

“Thing about your family, your kids, your parents, grandparents and yourself and maintain good personal hygiene and strictly abide the government rules,” he said in a statement.

“The country is facing an unprecedented health challenge and a collective response is needed. “said Patel

Patel says every player should become a responsible citizen and take every precaution to avoid the deadly virus.

“I would encourage everyone to stay safe, wash your hands well, sanitize and take heed of all the messages from the Ministry of Health because it’s very important to protect our country from further effects of coronavirus.”

“Cooperation, mutual respect and understanding must be the guiding principles for all decision makers to have in mind at this crucial moment in time,”said Patel

“This requires unity, solidarity and a shared sense of responsibility and we need to think of all those around the country potentially impacted by our decisions so stay safe.

Patel says Fiji FA regularly contact with all members of the football community during this difficult period.

“This is a challenging time for all of us and also the opportunity for people to come together, show what they can do in a collective spirit, and emerge stronger and better prepared for the future.  And this is what Fiji FA is aiming, ”said Patel.


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