FCCC announces reduction in fuel and increase in LPG prices

People fill up petrol yesterday as the new patrol price comes into effect from Monday. Picture: RAMA

An attendant fills up petrol. Picture: RAMA/FT FILE

THE Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced new prices for fuel and gas which will come into effect from Wednesday April 1, 2020.

Motor Spirit customers will pay 10 cents less per litre and the price comes down from $2.16 per litre to $2.06 per litre.

There will be a 14 cents decrease in Premix which will now cost $1.90 per litre.

Kersone comes down to $1.47 per litre a decrease of 20 cents per litre.

Diesel will now cost $1.71 per litre, a decrease of 16 cents per litre.

There is an increase in all LPG products.

A 4.5kg cylinder will now cost $14.43, an increase of $0.55.

A 12kg cylinder will now cost $38.47, an increase of $1.45.

13 kg cylinder will cost $41.67, an increase of $1.56.

Bulk gas will have an increase of $0.03 per kg now costing $2.647 per kg.

Autogas will have an increase of $0.02 cents per litre and will now cost $1.78 per litre.

FCCC CEO Joel Abraham said the fuel and LPG price review implemented follows a month-long lag period.

‘Fiji is also directly impacted by world market prices for both refined oils and LPG. As such, any changes to the world market prices will be reflected in Fuel and LPG prices in Fiji,” he said.







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