Family in shock over man’s death

Mother of the victim Sila Wati (right) and daughter-in-law Priya Devi Prasad grieve the death of their son and husband, Steven Sachin Singh, at their home in Nakasi, Nausori. Picture: ATU RASEA

A family in Nakasi is trying to come to terms with the death of their father, Steven Sachin Singh, following the discovery of his body under a bridge in Toga, Rewa on Wednesday morning.

His wife, Priya Devi Prasad, said the last time she spoke to her husband was on Tuesday at 11am.

“We had our breakfast around 10.30am, got ready and left home,” the 38-year-old said.

“He (Steven) told us that he went somewhere and that he would return home, I did not question where he went because all I knew that he could have gone out to do some work.

“But at around 10pm on Tuesday, I started getting worried because he did not show up, started calling his phone but it was switched off.

“So, I thought that he could be with friends or busy with work.

“I then found it strange that he did not contact us, that’s when I decided to look for him.”

The family were notified about the incident upon lodging a missing person’s report with police. She said their five children were devastated by the death of their father.

His mother, Sila Wati, 72, said she could not accept the death of her son.

“I could not believe that one day I would lose my son like this,” she said.

Police spokesman Wame Bautolu said they were awaiting post-mortem examination results to ascertain the cause of death.

“We are not ruling out anything until the post-mortem (examination) is done,” he said.

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