Editorial comment – Let’s overcome fear and fight this

Head of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the CWM Hospital Kelera Sakumeni says seven out of every 10 pregnant women at Suva’s CWM Hospital are testing positive for COVID-19. Picture: FILE/JOVESA NAISUA

It is scary that seven out of every 10 pregnant women at Suva’s CWM Hospital are testing positive for COVID-19.

The revelation was made by the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the CWM Hospital Kelera Sakumeni.

“The current situation right now we are seeing about seven out of 10 women that are being diagnosed with COVID getting admitted to the hospital, I feel that this is a small number and there is a much bigger number out there,” she said during the Fiji National University panel discussion.

“Because the women that are getting diagnosed are the ones that are coming into maternity, they’re coming in for admission and they’re getting swabbed on arrival, according to our protocols, so once they come in, they’re being diagnosed.

“So there is a bigger number out there, but the ones that we have reported so far I can safely say is about 600 and counting, and more.”

She said there was an exponential rise in cases in July.

The scenario is quite scary indeed.

Again, we look up to the powers that be to make tough calls.

Our numbers are rising at a frightening rate.

Now we have numbers in the Western Division as well.

However, there can be no doubts now about the extent of community transmission within the greater Suva-Nausori corridor.

With swabs now on hold in some areas, we are left to ponder on our numbers.

Realistically, we will look to the powers that be to ensure there is a clear path to fight this virus.

We will look up to them to reassure us that we can get this under control.

There will no doubt be Fijians who are fed up of the rising numbers.

They are fed up of living in fear every day.

They just want things to change.

They just want these numbers to go away.

Sadly, it won’t unless we take control of our destiny.

For the sake of our loved ones, we must do what we can to flatten the curve.

We can only do so much, but it must include wearing a mask properly.

We must not shake a hand anymore.

We must not hug a friend or loved one.

We must stay away from superspreader events such as funerals, birthdays and the likes.

We must treat everyone as a potential carrier of the virus.

That means we must adhere to physical distancing rules.

It is frightening to travel outside now.

But let’s be careful and vigilant about what we touch in public.

If you are at the local supermarket, watch your distance from the next person.

Stay away from crowded places.

As you line up outside to enter a building, remind those around you to keep a safe distance.

Do not touch your face at all when out in public.

Wash your hands with soap and water before you do that.

These are obviously frightening times, but together we must be brave to stand up and be part of the good fight, even if we think no one is listening to our pleas.

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