Editorial comment – Gather the courage to fight the virus

Ministry of Health chief medical adviser Doctor Jemesa Tudravu during a press conference. Picture: FILE

The revelation that 64 COVID-19 patients are currently on oxygen support while three patients are on ventilators will raise some concern.

It brings home the reality that we have a very dangerous virus to deal with.

Health Ministry chief medical adviser Dr Jemesa Tudravu said on Friday that 332 COVID patients were currently admitted in hospital facilities of which 84 were in a severe or critical condition.

Dr Tudravu said a total of 384,200 individuals had been screened and 70,744 individuals had been swabbed.

For the average person on the street, the scenario looks bleak.

It’s frightening.

It will raise great concern.

Dr Tudravu said all major health services were operational in all the divisions.

Dr Tudravu said they were concerned about the increase in the number of new cases and deaths in the country.

We are all concerned as well.

“In terms of health services, all our major health facilities remain fully functional in all divisions providing emergency services, admissions, and inpatient care for COVID and non-COVID patients,” he said.

He said a patient care flow pathway has been established to ensure that all cases of COVID-19 are identified and followed up.

“They can also be admitted to an intermediate care facility such as the field hospital and cared for by our team or admitted at the main hospital for high-level care.”

This is all gloomy news.

We know it is a concern.

We know many Fijians would just prefer to shrug this aside, and not think about it.

It is scary.

But it will not go away!

So let’s just tell like it is.

We will look up to the powers that be for reassurance.

We all need that.

We need direction and a targeted approach.


We need information to be disseminated on time, consistently daily.

In such a frightening period as this, we need to maintain confidence in our systems, and our approach to fighting this virus.

We must.

In saying that, let’s still do the little things we have to, to keep ourselves safe.

Let’s keep the virus away.

That’s the best course of action.

So adhere to physical distancing rules.

Keep a safe distance always from the next person if you are out in public.

If you are using public transport, watch what you touch.

Remember, do not touch your face at all until you are able to wash your hands with soap and water or a hand sanitiser.

Stay away from crowds, and do not shake a hand, or hug a friend or relative.

Wear your mask properly every time you are out in public.

You must protect your nose and mouth.

Be vigilant.

Be proactive.

Treat everyone as a possible COVID positive case.

Stay safe and listen to expert medical advice.

We can do this Fiji.

Let’s change the way we live our lives.

Let’s stay away from super spreader events, and let’s stay alert.

We must focus on flattening the curve.

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