Designed and built to be the best SUV

INTRODUCING the all new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross designed and built to be the best SUV inside and out with 1.5L directinjection turbocharged gasoline engine, 18-inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights and more features.

Every aspect of Eclipse Cross is designed to stand out with fuses bold design, the latest technology and exceptional safety in a SUV.

Here are some features of the brand new car that makes it unique and different from other cars.

Ready for action

Bold lines. Flared fenders. A deeply sculpted wedge like an athlete perched to explode from the starting block.

Onlookers are left behind to ponder its steeply raked rear window.

Exhilaration at your command

The sporty, meticulously crafted cockpit quickens your pulse and heightens your pleasure.

Every detail is designed to enhance your awareness and control. So driving feels intuitive with direct, linear response to every command.

A refreshing experience for all
The joy of driving extends to every passenger in the spacious cabin, which is overflowing with quality materials and solid craftsmanship.

Comfortable seats with supportive contours and plenty of legroom keep everyone feeling refreshed even on the longest of journeys.

Make all the right moves in relaxed comfort

Handling is stable, intuitive and predictable. Where you point, the vehicle goes with unerring precision and poise thanks to a fine tuned suspension, responsive steering and supreme body rigidity — reinforced by spot welding, structural adhesives and a standard strut tower bar over the engine.

At the same time, all passengers enjoy an extremely comfortable ride on every road wherever you travel.

Reassuring all-round safety

Award winning safety technology supports safer, more confident driving on the road and in parking lots, day and night.

From intelligent sensors that track your surroundings and warn you of danger to active driving assistance and solid passive protection, the Eclipse Cross delivers all-round high levels of safety.

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