People: Delana has no regrets

Vilisita Delana at home in Vusaratu Village, Natewa. Picture: SERAFINA SIALITOGA

Massage therapist Vilisita Delana does not regret her decision to quit her hotel job to be beside her husband and fulfil her matrimonial vow when his knee injury worsened.

“I left my work at the hotel in Savusavu because my husband was getting sick and I thought of coming back home to look after him.

I have always provided masseuse services to customers so I thought of doing the same with my husband and take care of him as this is my promise to God,” Mrs Delana said.

The Somosomo woman from Taveuni understood what was required of her and for the past five years has utilised the knowledge and skills she learnt as a child to earn money meet the needs of her family. She now weaves mats, does flower arrangements and bakes.

“Since starting this business I have made good money and that has supported my family.”

She weaves mats for all sorts of occasions such as weddings, birthdays and funerals.

“Customers from around the globe have placed their orders (mats) with me and in a week I can receive two to three orders.

“So I am always busy and weaving mats all week. Most of the orders I receive are a set of three or four so I am always busy.

“It’s good money for our family and I am glad I decided to leave my job and return home.”

The increasing number of orders, she said took up a lot of her time as she has had deadlines to meet for her customers.

“Some customers want their mats within three weeks or some are urgent and want mats within a week or two.

“This means staying up at night to weave the mats and in order to meet my deadline and I am always happy to do this for my customers.”

She also bakes pastries.

“Weaving mats is the major part of my business income because I earn good money from it as there are a lot of orders.

“But for the sweets and cakes, this I do for the villagers since town is far and so I make sweets here at home for the children.

“It has also attracted good number of customers especially grog lovers who have sweets for the chaser.”

Mrs Delana has also helped the women’s group in the village with development projects.

“It’s encouraging to see many women help themselves to do better in life instead of waiting for help from others.

“We have done a lot of good projects for the village and having the support of our husbands plays a vital role.”

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