COVID-19 Budget: NFP leader notes party had proposed bipartisanship

Prof Biman Prasad. Picture: FILE.

National Federation Party leader Dr Biman Prasad has stated in Parliament that they had proposed bipartisanship in preparation and passage of the coronavirus response supplementary budget.

He said in Parliament this evening that the NFP wanted this as a “genuine spirit of bipartisanship”.

The Government has proposed a fast-track passing of the COVID-19 response supplementary appropriation bill 2020 by tomorrow, and that has been opposed by MPs from NFP and SODELPA.

“We suggest that we have a bipartisan agreement on the contents of the supplementary budget before it is presented to Parliament by the Honourable Minister for Economy on 26th March,” he had stated in a letter sent to the Prime Minister.

“We can then have a short debate on the Budget on Monday 30th March.”

Mr Prasad said in the letter “this will save valuable time and boost confidence of our people and the business community.

“Our spirit of bipartisanship and support is genuine.

“A united and cohesive political leadership at national level will undoubtedly boost the morale and confidence of all our people who are panic-stricken and naturally fearful after the global outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19 has reached our shores.”

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