31st March

Hard work pays – Parents’ struggle inspires son

Honest hard work pays off in life. The son of a garment factory worker and a caretaker, Amitesh Sen is of the view that learning from parents’ hard work should inspire children to strive for...

30th March

Helping others – Niucavu loves to serve community

Among Tomasi Niucavu’s many passions, serving the community sits at the top of the list. He is acutely aware of the challenges and struggles faced by those who live and eke out a living in rural, remote and far-flung island locations. And having built a career in the public health sector, he is extremely vigilant...

29th March

Sacrificing for family

Leaving his young family behind so that he could work overseas was not an easy decision for Salimoni Tabua. He knew he would have to sacrifice a little for the sake of his one-year-old daughter and wife. The Kade villager from Koro Island was one of the 54 workers under the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE)...

28th March

Single mother builds her way to greatness

Women do many things and handle many situations better than their male counterparts. When faced with a crisis, most women find a way to keep their families intact and their priority would be to ensure their children’s needs are met. Take the case of Elisabeta Torava Waqa. She has worn many hats and been called...

27th March

She’s her own boss

Former hotel waitress Amrita Nand enjoys being an entrepreneur and her own boss. The 35-year-old was working with the food and beverage department at the Capricorn International Hotel in Nadi. She was also an employee of New World and Maxval-U supermarkets before starting her own pot plant business in 2016. Ms Nand normally sold her...