Capitalising on fashion trends

Sharlin Singh owner of SP Trendsetter. Picture: ABISHEK CHAND

SOCIAL media is a useful tool to gauge what is trending and one business is trying to capitalise on the latest shift in the fashion industry.

Sharlin Singh is the owner of a high-end fashion outlet called SP Trendsetter located in Nabua, Suva.

The 23-year-old may have opened the doors to her clothing outlet on May 29 but she has spent an extensive number of days researching the operations of running a business.

“I think we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to be on social media, which I believe is one of the biggest motivations to carry out your analysis or research on what is working in the market and what the public’s demand is,” she said.

“Before I started this business I had spent a lot of time researching, I still remember I used to be awake until 4am just trying to gauge what was trending on social media.

“From social media one can actually gain a lot of knowledge of what is happening in the market especially when it comes to fashion.”

SP Trendsetters also has presence on social media as well which is easier for the business to stay in touch with customers and save money on marketing. For Ms Singh her focus is reaching out to the working class women and young girls.

“I am focusing on age group between 13 to 55, but it all depends because everybody is becoming trendy these days.

“Working class ladies and young girls who want to look good, I can’t speak for other women but for me when you look good it motivates you in some way,” she said.

She also encountered a number of clothing outlets in the country which did not sell trendy outfits.

“Let’s face it we are living in a very modern world and everybody has in somewhat way access to the digital sphere.

“So what people see on the internet, they either want it in their house or they want to wear it and they will even talk about it.

“Therefore I decided to sell something that is not common in our country and yet consumers were looking for.”

The young business owner revealed one of the major challenges was being doubted because of her inexperience.

“Actually I’m a fresh graduate and I worked for six months at Fiji TV, I have always been passionate about business.

“I still remember while growing up and seeing my siblings run their business. It inspired me to have my own business but I never thought that I would start so early.”

It wasn’t until she had decided to work for herself which led her to resign last year.

“If you put the right effort and the right amount of time and you are passionate about it, then it is going to work out for you as it did for me,” she said.

SP Trendsetter sells apparels and accessories from trendy bags, shoes and clothes and there are also plans to include more.

“My next stock is coming in mid-June which will focus on bridal wear,” she said.

“The motive of all businesses is to expand in the future, right now I am just focusing on this branch but I hope before the year ends I get to open up more.”

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