Cameras to keep tab on illegal trade

Fiji Police Force chief operations offi cer ACP Abdul Khan during the viewing of the CCTV cameras in Nausori Town. Picture: ATU RASEA

The Fiji Police Force installed closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in Nausori after this newspaper highlighted rampant drug dealing in the town earlier this month.

The CCTV cameras around the town area were set up to identify drug dealers and stamp out trade in illicit substances.

Police chief operations officer Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Abdul Khan said they successfully installed CCTV cameras in drug peddling hotspots.

“We have installed nine CCTV cameras and the business community has agreed that another four CCTV will be installed later,” he said.

ACP Khan said he would ensure that the CCTV cameras were up and running in Nausori. “I will be back here on Friday to see that all these CCTV cameras are installed.”

He said they were taking every measure to ensure Nausori Town was safe for the public.

“We would like to thank everyone who has assisted us in these operations.

“I must also acknowledge the media for the role they have played, for the negative reporting and also for the positive reporting that has been done.”

ACP Khan also called on the public and the Nausori community to work together and eliminate the drug peddling issue. He also said they would have K9 dogs set up in Raralevu, Nausori.

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