Beach soccer league to roll

PTB FC's Ali Hussein and Fusion FC's Isikeli Tuidau contest for possession in the final of the Digicel Beach Soccer Championship last Saturday at FSC Beach Soccer feild in Laucala.

The Fiji Football Association will for the first time start the Beach Soccer League next year, says Fiji FA Head of Futsal and Beach Soccer Jerry Sam.

“Our aim is to grow the game and to achieve. We will have more game time so our players get more exposure and learn the code,” said Sam.

“We will participate in the OFC Beach Soccer World Cup qualifiers next year so we will select the players from the league.

“There are potential players in beach soccer which I have seen today (Saturday) in the competition and they just need proper guidance to excel.

“We are also planning to host a beach soccer championship on the Sigatoka sand dunes next year for the western teams.”

Sam said they would also start grassroots development in beach soccer next year.

“Yes we need to start this code from the grassroots and we will start early next year,” said Sam.

Fiji last participated in the OFC Beach Soccer Championship in 2009 and 2011. In 2009 Fiji finished fourth and ranked third in 2011.

Players such as goalkeeper Benaminio Mateiniqara, Luke Rawadau, Archie Watkins, Sandeeo Nair, Sanaila Dakaica, Jo Dugucagi, Maciu Dundamu, Shailend Buisena, Epeli Saukuru, Rajnesh Rattan, Veresa Toma, and goalkeeper Sheik Moshin featured in 2011.

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