Attitude, respect and discipline key to success

Roy Krishna (right) with wife Nazia at Nadi Airport after their arrival from India. The couple has gone into isolation at Ba. Picture:FILE

ROY Krishna believes attitude, respect and discipline plays a major role in the success of a footballer.

“I think most of the local football players don’t have any other job apart from playing football. To give something to the family is one of the things I always do. I put my family at the forefront. I have been through some hard times when I was young. So just by playing locally doesn’t mean that you have achieved everything. Look ahead and play professional football. Be focused and humble.”

The Olympian had some stern words for footballers and youngsters about the effects of taking prohibited substances.

“I say no to drugs. I am always there to support the Fiji FA when the issue surfaces. I am very particular especially when I join the national squad. You have got to be honest with yourself. You can lie to your parents and girlfriend, but you can’t lie to yourself. As a footballer, if you keep using illicit substances, it won’t help you. There is no magic in drugs. Only thing is that it will affect you. If you are taking it, stop it now. It will not take you anywhere. Professional footballers such as Ronaldo and Messi don’t take drugs, so why are you taking it? Just be normal.”

The Vodafone national football team captain also shared the importance diet and nutrition plays for a successful sports person.

“Diet plays a huge role. Body fat is the main thing which I lose. Whenever i join the national camps, I emphasise to the players about how particular the national football coach is regarding diet. People don’t take it seriously. If you want to have a good sporting career, look after your body and follow the diet plans. It helps.”

Krishna said Esala Masi was among his idols.

“I have a huge respect for Esala Masi, although I didn’t play with him. He always calls me and offers encouragement. Getting those messages from a legend means so much to me.”

Roy Krishna did not reveal much about his future since completing his one-year professional football contract with ATK in the Indian Super League.

“That part will be sorted out by my agent and my wife. There are offers though. My job is just to play football and be who I am. I did my part.”

Krishna and his wife Naziah are in self-isolation in Ba, after arriving home, last week Sunday.

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