2022 General Elections: Nabanuve goes to the polls on horseback

Semi Nabanuve after casting his vote at Nanau Village Rakiraki. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Trekking through the dry plains of Naseyani, Tavua, on horseback for almost an hour, 73-year-old Nananu villager Semi Nabanuve said he would not let anything stop him from casting his vote.

“I knew about my polling station for a few weeks now and I made sure to come even if I had to walk here,” he said.

“I live in a settlement that is a few kilometres away from Nananu and even though we have a road, it’s not good for cars.

“So we either walk or use horses.

“I want a government that will serve their people.

“I hope that they can look at our problems like the bad road conditions and the damaged bridges in our area.

“We have a road, but it hasn’t been upgraded.

“People can’t travel anywhere when there is heavy rain and our bridge is flooded. “I hope that the next elected leader can look at our plea.” More than 200 people were registered to vote at the Nananu Community Hall in Rakiraki yesterday.

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