2022 General Election: Twin brothers hope for better days ahead

TWIN brothers Sanaila Nasuliwa and Kitione Talekasa, 60, voted during yesterday’s pre-poll voting at the Nawaqadamu Community Hall in Nadi with the hope that better days are ahead of them.

“It is important to vote because we want a better future for the coming generations,” said Mr Nasuliwa.

“We want changes and I hope the candidate I have voted for would bring in the much needed change in our country.”

The soft-spoken sexagenarian said he was confident that the candidate he had voted for would not only lead the government successfully but would work towards a united Fiji.

“The general elections only come once every four years and we must all vote,” he said.

Mr Talekasa said he was 100 per cent confident that this year’s general election would run smoothly.

“All the political parties want to win the general election and their seats in Parliament depends on our vote so I am urging everyone to vote.”

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