2022 General Election: Timing of complaint a concern

The Peoples Alliance Party leader, Sitiveni Rabuka. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

THE People’s Alliance (PA) says the Social Democratic Liberal Party’s (SODELPA) letter of complaint against the party is dated November 5 — two weeks before the release of the PA manifesto.

The party says it is concerned about the time that has lapsed between the date it was written and when the issues raised by SODELPA were conveyed to them.

In a letter to Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem, party general secretary Sakiasi Ditoka said PA was notified on December 8.

“This is quite extraordinary since it has taken more than one month and we are only seven days away from election date,” he said.

He also labelled SODELPA “spiteful” for filing a complaint that was not factual and was baseless.

He said SODELPA called for PA to be investigated under Section 116 (5) should SoE find it failed to adhere to the requirements of Section 116 (4)(c) of the Electoral Act.

He said the legislation relied on was incorrect and based on this error the SoE should dismiss the complaint because it was “frivolous, vexatious and has no legal basis”.

He said the manifesto had stated PA had identified $300 million to be redeployed or reallocated to key priority areas in a revised budget framework.

“Funding for the concerns raised by SODELPA would come from these funds.

“The operations of the Great Council of Chiefs would be met by the existing allocation within the iTaukei Affairs.”

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