2022 General Election: Other parties also have much to offer – Turaganivalu

Sixteen years is too long for someone to be in power says 78-year-old Jiuta Turaganivalu. Picture: Meli Ladpeter

SIXTEEN years is too long for someone to be in power.

After casting his vote at the Vatukarasa Village pre-polling station in Tailevu, 78-year-old Jiuta Turaganivalu shared with The Fiji Times team that other parties also had much to offer to the country and should be given the chance to do so.

“I would like to see a new party come into power because I know that they too have much to offer in lifting the standard of the country,” he said.

“Nothing lasts forever, chances should be given to the other parties as well.”

As a village elder, Mr Turaganivalu said that change must be something that is welcomed but it must not affect the iTaukei way of life.

“For us, the elders, we want someone who will take heed of the land of our ancestors when leading our country.”

He shared that for those like him living in the village and solely depending on their farm, the safety of their land ownership was fundamental.

“This is because we will not be here for very long. Our children and grandchildren will live after us and what will happen if we lose ownership of our land? This is our biggest worry.”

He acknowledged the help and changes brought about by the current government, but believes that there is still more to be accomplished if a new party comes into power with a totally different perspective and goals.

“I’ve been excited to cast my vote over the past few weeks, as we had a few parties come to our village during their campaigns.”

In comparison to past election years, he said that this year’s election was quite an exciting one and he is looking forward to when the winning party will be announced.

“I came here to vote today, worrying about the future of my village and its people. It would give me peace to know that a good and caring government will be leading us for the next four years.”

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