2022 General Election: Know who you voting for

KNOW who you are voting for and do not vote blindly.

This was the message from Adi Ela Raveta Maria after she cast her vote during the pre-polling for the 2022 General Election at the Naimasimasi polling station in Serua.

“Today (Wednesday) I came to vote. The Government called on its people to choose who will be next to serve and I answered,” the 81-year-old widow said.

“I don’t remember when but the first time I voted was a long time ago. I voted in Nuku Village. Back then I was married. I missed the rest of the elections because I was in my village in Wainiyavu or would be in other places.

“This time, I made sure I went to vote. This was the second time I have voted in 81 years.”

Adi Ela said she was one of the few women in the village who was in their 80s.

“A lot of women my age have passed on. It’s a privilege to be able to vote in my age.” Her advice to those who would go to the polls in the coming days was “be wise in making a decision on who should lead Fiji”.

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