2022 General Election: Kauyaca first to vote at Naimasimasi

RUSIATE Kauyaca crossed from Nuku Village by boat to cast the first vote at the Naimasimasi polling station in Serua on Wednesday.

He said lack of electricity and internet connectivity were two issues faced by the people of Nuku and most parts of Namosi and he had waited for four years to finally take part in the process of choosing the next government.

Mr Kauyaca said he hoped his vote would help bring much needed change to his village, especially when it came to connecting with loved ones.

“We have no electricity or network. When we want to get in touch with our family or friends, we have to walk to elevated areas to be able to call,” the 52-year-old said.

He said his determination and enthusiasm led him to being the first person at the polling station.

“I’m glad that the election is finally here and that I’m the first person to vote at Naimasimasi. That’s something to remember.”

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