2022 General Election: It is a wonderful feeling, says voter

RECENTLY returned Pacific Labour Scheme seasonal worker Joseva Gauwalu was all smiles after casting his vote during yesterday’s pre-polling for 2022 General Election at the Nawaqadamu Community Hall in Nadi.

“It has been two months since I returned to my village and it is a wonderful feeling to be voting today (yesterday) alongside my fellow villagers,” Mr Gauwalu said.

The 37-year-old said he was confident that the candidate he has voted for, if elected in government would bring about change.

“I want a government that will contribute towards the development of my village and community.

“I also know that as a Fijian citizen, my vote will count.”

Mr Gauwalu urged youths to come out in numbers and vote.

“It is very important to vote in order to have a fair idea of what our future would be like.”

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