2022 General Election : Hope for a change

Samisoni Vugakoto shares his view after casting his vote at Abaca village on Monday afternoon. Picture: Siteri Sauvakacolo

SAMISONI Vugakoto says he is voting in this year’s election because he hopes to see a change in service.

The Abaca villager in the highlands of Lautoka was one of the villagers who cast their vote when pre-polling for the 2022 General Election began on Monday.

“We have done our part in voting and we do hope that our concerns and pleas will be heard by those in power after the elections,” Mr Vugakoto said.

“I’m glad I have voted this year and I did so because it’s the practice I have been doing over the past years.

“It is my right to vote and I did so today with much pride for Fiji and its people.”

Mr Vugakoto said he hoped to see a change and an improvement in service after the elections.

Meanwhile, villagers of Abaca defied the odd to vote on Monday afternoon.

The rain did not dampen their spirits as they were eagerly waiting from the morning to vote.

This was the case too for villagers of Natawa in the Nadi highlands who did not let the heavy downpour affected their trips to the polling venue.

Relatives, who were registered to vote but were elsewhere, were contacted to return home to cast their votes on Monday.

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