2022 General Election: Honoring a call: For the sake of her 20 grandchildren

Amelia Bulileka is all smiles after casting her vote at Nasivikoso, Ba. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

DESPITE being bedridden after an accident more than a decade ago and having mobility issues as a result, Amelia Bulileka walked to Nasivikoso Village to cast her vote.

When The Fiji Times came across the 68-year-old with her walking stick, Ms Bulileka said she was voting for the sake of her 20 grandchildren.

In the build-up to this year’s General Election, the Ba grandmother said her daughter informed her of the electoral processes and the voting day and she made sure she was well-prepared for it.

She said the assistance provided by the Fijian Elections Office officials during pre-polling made it a very smooth process and gave her the much-needed confidence to cast her ballot.

As a villager in a remote part of Viti Levu, the soft-spoken grandmother said voting was her only way of honouring the call of the government.

She said she had never missed any of the country’s general elections and she considered it a blessing to be able to vote again this year.

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