2022 General Election: Dilapidated state result of ‘poor planning and lack of investment’

FRA workers working on our roads. Picture: FILE

The dilapidated state of Fiji’s health, education and road infrastructure is not because of the failure of past governments, it is the result of poor planning and lack of investment in the maintenance programs by the FijiFirst Government.

The People’s Alliance leader Sitiveni Rabuka said this when asked how a People’s Alliance-National Federation Party government would address health, cost of living and education issues raised by voters during pre-polling this week.

He said it was simply a matter of reinstating a system that was in place when he was prime minister, empowering the people with oversight and adequately resourcing them to do what was required.

“I am fortunate that I came into politics and Parliament and government when there was a system on upgrading and keeping abreast with development,” Mr Rabuka said.

“And the degradation of the various infrastructure facilities that we provided for – health, education and so on – and we must every year have an allocation for the upgrading or refurbishment or repair at least of those facilities.

“Unfortunately, we have let the infrastructure built by previous governments run down over the last 16 years.

“We have gone for high visibility roads without making sure that what they had when they came in remained useable, useful and also upgraded for the demands of the present.

“We will bring that system back, there is always a percentage allocation on the value of a building, after 10 years there must be that repair budget given or used back into those buildings,” Mr Rabuka added.

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